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Elena De Francesca began as a researcher in the biological world, but was later encouraged by her passion for “Jewelry Design” over the years to begin to design jewels and immediately noted the magic effect in the eyes of others.

Symbolism and its infinity fascinated Elena De Francesca and led to her first collection named “Protect me” in 2017 and the launching of her brand.

The “Protect me” collection was inspired by the eye, a symbol which represents sight, that is the possibility to see in the widest sense: Comprehension, Knowledge and Omniscience.

In many Mediterranean regions, the eye is the symbol of protection. In fact, on the birth of a child it is common to offer a jewel representing a protective eye.

Elena De Francesca chose Milan, the city where she has lived for many years, and which in the course of time has become her city of adoption and the center for her studio of design.

In fact, in Milan Elena has found the expert and knowledgeable hands to entrust in order to achieve her jewels. Artisans belonging to the antique “Scuola Amrosiana” whose goldsmiths, gilders, engravers and setters, with whom she works day after day, in order to achieve the final creations.

The focal point of the trademark lies in the valorization of the Ambrosian craftsmen starting from the most antique Renaissance goldsmiths’ techniques, modifying them in a modern fashion and giving life to collections of high quality jewels of impeccable design and, at the same time, with a fresh and youthful attraction which renders them easily adaptable to dress.

Elena De Francesca jewels are hand made with exceptional skill and the gold is carefully shaped, carved, moulded, smoothed, and engraved.

The precious and semi-precious stones are carved by expert engravers either in the classical style or experimental innovative styles which highlight the brightness and texture of each and every stone.